We Are Dutch.

We Are Dutch.

“God created the world. The Dutch created the Netherlands.”

We Punch Above Our Weight.

Even though we are a small country in square miles, we are a global leader in many sectors.

The Netherlands consistently rates among the highest in rankings of economic power, investments, trade, innovation, competition, democracy, health, free press and much more. We have even created the knowledge and technology to manage water.

We Are Educated.

Dutch people are highly educated. 

Our universities are ranked among the best in international tables, and #1 in Environmental Education. Many of our programs focus on international economics, entrepreneurship and cultural development. Our national research agenda focuses on collaboration, creativity and innovation to solve the most pressing questions facing society. Top sectors such as logistics, energy, and technology are the focus areas of many of our research institutes. We are eager to learn and apply that knowledge to change the world.

We Are Happy.

Dutch people are among the happiest people on the planet

Our country is stable politically and economically. But being “rich” isn’t just about financial security. We are so content because we believe in a healthy balance between work and leisure. We value both a strong work ethic and time to enjoy our country’s rich cultural and natural heritage with family and friends. 

We Are Productive.

The Dutch labor force is among the most productive and competitive in the world.

As they say in Germany and Spain: “The Netherlands is good at soccer, but better in economic productivity”. Now, if we could just work on beating them at soccer.