Let's Bring The Electric Car Home.

Let's Bring The Electric Car Home.

Did you know that the first battery powered car was actually built here, in Top of Holland?

The First Battery Powered Car was built in Top of Holland.

Sibrandus Stratingh was a chemistry and physics professor at the University of Groningen in the 19th century. His dream was to build an automatic car.

In 1834, he drove around the city center of Groningen in a prototype steam powered car, scaring off horses and people. Stratingh and his assistant almost choked in the smoke and steam exhausts. So they decided to invent something radically new. One year later, Sibrandus Stratingh had invented the first battery powered electric car.

Dear people from Tesla. We are inviting you to come over to our beautiful region, and bring the electric car back home. To the future!

Regards, from the people from Top of Holland