We Are Green.

We Are Green.

The Top of Holland region is investing heavily in sustainability. Our energy companies already power large parts of European homes and industries through natural gas, and it is our ambition to be a forerunner in sustainable energy. We are proud that Google chose Top of Holland as the home for their 100% wind powered hyperscale Data Center - the first in the world.

We Are Sustainable And Reliable Energy.

Top of Holland offers over 8 Gigawatt of sustainable energy. 

This is a mix of hydro and wind power. Dutch power grids have the highest uptime of Europe, and Top of Holland has the highest redundancy in its power grid.

We Are 100% Green Steam.

Our unique biomass power plant produces 100% sustainable electricity.

It is upgraded to also produce steam. With the same bio mass usage, we effectively doubled the energy production. Steam is transported through pipelines to nearby industries. 

We Are Wind.

We have 500MW onshore wind farms in Top of Holland. 

But why use up precious acres of land if you can use the sea? Beyond the horizon of our precious Wadden Sea, Gemini is one of the largest offshore wind parks in the world, producing over 600MW wind power.

We Are Blue.

Top of Holland has an inventive system of dikes separating sea water from fresh water.

A new innovative "blue energy" project makes it possible to generate electricity from the difference in salt levels in these dikes. It is our goal to generate 200MW of sustainable energy at this location by 2020.

We Are Water And Sun And Geothermal.

Top of Holland is planning to build a 1 Gigawatt hydrogen electrolysis facility.

Hydrogen electrolysis is the ideal solution to buffer energy production and consumption for heavy industries and industrial transportation. Our strategic plans include the development of large scale solar parks and a geothermal facility to heat our homes.

Ameland, one of the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea Islands became self sufficient in its energy demand.

We Are Green Chemicals.

Our chemical cluster is already running on 70% sustainable energy. 


We produce bio-based, renewable intermediate and innovative chemicals such as polymers, essential for batteries and cars.

Ameland, one of the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea Islands became self sufficient in its energy demand.