We Are Top Of Holland.

We Are Top Of Holland.

“Holland is the best of both worlds: one large vibrant metropolis
in a rural landscape with beautiful nature.”

We Are Space.

A large manufacturing plant needs space and the Top of Holland region offers just that.

Acres and acres of land, and sea as far as the eye can see. We have the space for the largest renewable power plants. In fact, there’s enough room to build multiple Gigafactories. Of equal importance: we offer space for entrepreneurs to dream, develop and grow.

We Are Nature.

The Top of Holland region is home to the World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea.

In this maritime conservation area, we’ve created a shining example of how nature can thrive alongside innovative sustainable energy production and high-tech products. We care for our environment, as it provides us with the natural resources we need to prosper.

We Are Nearby.

In the Netherlands, everything is just around the corner. 

Everything you need can be found within a half to two-hour drive or train ride: Infrastructure, nature, companies, universities and cities. Do you want to go abroad? We are close to London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen, by car, train or plane.

We Are Logistics.

The Top of Holland region has excellent sea connections to lithium mines overseas.

We have deep sea connections for aluminum and lithium. We are centrally located by water and rail to the major ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg. By road, water and rail we have the fastest connections to the German Ruhr area. We have many warehousing locations available and many airports within easy reach. 

We Have So Much More To Offer.

Imagine the costs saved on aluminum shipment if your factory was located right next to an aluminum factory.

We have one of the greenest chemical industries with specialisms in polymers. We have the smartest, most automated manufacturing plants of Europe. Our successful digital companies and universities bring in advanced software expertise. We are Top of Holland, we are Top Dutch.